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Why You Should Install a Water Filtration System in Your Home

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, also known as the EPA, only 90% of public water systems in the United States meet its standards.

Using a water filtration system makes it easy to filter out many types of contaminants in your water. Are you interested in learning more about water softening equipment and water treatment? Keep reading to learn the reasons why you should install a water filtration system in your home!

Your Body Needs Clean Water

Everyone knows that you need water to survive. However, not all water is created equal! Many sources of water contain harmful bacteria and other contaminants, even water that has been treated at water treatment plants.

Your body needs clean, pure water to function properly, and a water filtration system is the easiest way to get clean water to your home.

There are many common problems with water. For example, chlorine is used to kill bacteria in water, so your water may taste and smell like chlorine. Water may have a metallic taste as well, due to the presence of metals like iron, copper, and zinc that can come from metal plumbing.

Another common issue that is found in water is hydrogen sulfide, making your water smell like rotten eggs. While these problems may not cause serious issues, it is still important to clean your water!

Using a water purification system will make sure you have clean, safe water at any time.

Water Purification Removes Bacteria

As was mentioned previously, not all water is as pure as we would like to think! In fact, there are many bacteria and viruses that can be found in water supplies. These contaminants include e-coli, arsenic, lead, and other dangerous particles.

Although water treatment removes most of these bacteria and viruses from the public water supply, having a water purifier will remove more bacteria and other contaminants from the water in your home.

One of the most common and most effective ways to filter your water is through a process called reverse osmosis. This process uses pressurized air to force water through a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane keeps out harmful contaminants.

Using reverse osmosis or other filtration techniques, most of the contaminants can be filtered out of your drinking water. This will give you peace of mind that you are drinking clean and pure water, and it can also give you many other benefits!

It’s Better For The Environment

Not only is filtered water better for your health, but it is also better for your environment.

Many people who don’t have filtered water opt to buy bottled water instead. But there are 50 billion plastic water bottles used each year, which can contribute to environmental issues. Because many types of plastic use chemicals, it takes these bottles much longer to decompose in a landfill

By using a water filter and choosing not to buy plastic water bottles, you can help the environment!

They Save You Money

Just as using water filtration systems will help the environment, if you don’t buy plastic water bottles, it can also save you money!

When you have a water filtration system that you use, rather than buying a pack of water, you will save money in the long run! The average cost of a plastic water bottle is about one dollar.

For a water filtration system, they can cost anywhere from $60 for countertop machines to a few thousand dollars for systems that filter water in your entire house. While that may seem like a big investment, it will end up paying for itself!

Filterers Provide Better Tasting Water

Another benefit of filtered water is that it tastes better. As was mentioned before, there are many contaminants, like metals and chemicals that can make your water taste weird. Water filters are able to remove some of these contaminants, even though they aren’t necessarily dangerous.

If you use a filtered water system, you can have pure water that is better tasting!

It Is Good For Your Skin, Hair, and Clothes

Another benefit of water softening equipment and water purification systems is that they are good for your skin, hair, and clothes.

Water softening and purification are not just for cleaner and better-tasting water. It can also remove chemicals that can leave deposits on your clothes. Water softeners can remove soap scum and other types of buildup from your clothing.

Because there are contaminants in tap water, using tap water for showers, baths, and for washing your skin can cause irritation to your skin and damage to your hair.

Filtered water removes these contaminants and gives you cleaner water to use while you wash your hair, your face, and more. Not only is this better for you, but it can also make your skin and hair look healthier and smoother!

Using water softeners or filters for your clothes can make them last longer. Not only will it keep the colors vibrant, but it can make your clothes softer and keep the material strong.

Install A Water Filtration System Today!

Getting a water filtration system installed in your home has many great benefits. It can help improve your health, will save you money, and it is great for the environment!

If you want to learn more about how water filtration works, how it can benefit your home, and any other questions, the professionals at Sun Tech Services can help! Contact us today to learn more about the water filter systems we have available!

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