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Sun-Tech Services Inc excels in the water industry as our company also provides water treatment services. Before being transferred to your tap, water has to be treated to impede consumption of contaminants such as sediments, bacteria, and various other impurities. Sun-Tech Services Inc is a certified plant for testing and treating water, enabling everything to be done in-house. Through our in-house services, we can provide residential and commercial customers with results in a time-friendly and efficient manner. By treating and assessing your water, Sun-Tech Services Inc can help you determine which filtration, purification and softening systems may be best for your working and drinking water.

The Main Types of Water Treatment

In an effort to help you identify your existing water problems, Sun-Tech Services Inc provides the most effective types of treatment including:

  • Reverse osmosis
    Reverse osmosis reduces dissolved ions (such as salts) from which by applying pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane, enabling the water to reject most other dissolved materials.
  • Ultraviolet
    UV rays from the sun are used in lower intensities as they are strong enough to kill microorganisms and pesticides.
  • Filtration
    Water passes through a water system that may include one or more filters for the purpose of removing turbidity, iron, and undesirable tastes, colors, odors.
  • Distillation
    Through distillation, water is converted into vapor through. The vapor is then cooled and condensed back to a liquid state and collected.

Rules and Regulations for Treating Water

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforces Surface Water Treatment Rules for all public water systems to abide by. Any water plant or water company using surface water sources or groundwater sources under the direct influence of surface water is required to have water testing and treatment done. In addition to treating water, water systems are also required to filter and disinfect water from surface water sources. The EPA is also responsible for establishing contaminant level goals to help rid viruses and bacteria. Sun-Tech Services Inc is proud to be able to follow these regulations and provide customers with reliable sources of water solutions and treatment.

Contact Sun-Tech Services Inc for All Your Water Treatment Needs

By allowing Sun-Tech Services Inc to provide you with treatment products for your water, you won’t have to worry about any detrimental chemicals, pollutants, or regular maintenance and costs. Sun-Tech Services Inc is here to provide locals of Las Cruces and El Paso for clean and reliable water, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.

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