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Sun-Tech Services Inc is the best water treatment service provider for residential and commercial individuals. Our company has been able to stay highly-reviewed and as a top choice for many due to our exceptional service and high-quality equipment. Don’t limit your education about our company to reviews and ratings, contact us to learn more about how we can provide solutions for your water system!





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Water Treatment Plan | Providing You with Water Solutions

If you’re having problems with water stains on your sinks and appliances, dishes that just don’t get clean enough, or water that just doesn’t taste pure, then Sun-Tech Services Inc can help. Sun-Tech Services Inc is a water treatment plant that offers a complete line of quality Kinetico water treatment systems for residential and commercial customers. Since 1987, Sun-Tech Services Inc has been an authorized, independent Kinetico dealer delivering fast, local service and complete customer satisfaction. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Water filtration
  • Water softening
  • Water purification
  • Water testing (for levels of hardness, iron, chlorine, total dissolved solids, hydrogen sulfide magnesium sulfate)
  • Water Treatment equipment repair and service

Why Customers Should Choose Kinetico Water Systems

Kinetico takes a smarter, more efficient approach to solving water problems. Powered by the force of moving water instead of electricity, a Kinetico system eliminates the need for complicated timers and computers. There’s less salt required since a Kinetico system monitors water usage and regenerates on demand. A Kinetico system is built to last and is backed by a warranty that provides you with a supply of worry-free water for years to come. Kinetico water systems are ideal if you are facing scale buildup on your faucets, chlorine or chemical-related scents, or if your water has a raw and undesirable taste. Our drinking water system is here to provide customers with water that is not only tasteful but is also designed to support your health and comfort. Consuming and using non-purified water can attract problems for residential and commercial customers. In addition to the Kinetico water filtration system, our products extend to the following:

  • Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station
  • Aquakinetic A200
  • MACguard Filter

Our water softening installation is offered through the following products:

  • Kinetico Premier Water Softener Series
  • Signature Water Softener Series
  • Powerline Water Softener Series

Kinetico has been designing and manufacturing water treatment systems for over 40 years now. Sun-Tech Services Inc carries a variety of products to meet any of your commercial needs, from restaurants to doctors’ offices, and so much more. You confide in our professional team to be able to find a solution, install, and maintain your water system.

The Benefits of Installing a Water Treatment System in Your Home or Business

When you choose Sun-Tech Services Inc’s whole home water treatment system for water purification, filtration and softening, you can expect to lead a healthier and more efficient life. Water filtration systems are an optimal investment as they can help you save money long-term and help you cut back spending on cleaning and chemical solutions, such as soaps, detergents, fixtures, and water heaters.

Sun-Tech Services Inc provides financing for every individual that decides to take up our water treatment services, making Kinetico products attainable for everyone. If you would like to receive more information regarding our water purification installation, you can contact the professionals under our water treatment plant for a free quote and assessment for maintenance and repairs.

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