A woman drinking water from a glass in Las Cruces.

Is Las Cruces’ Drinking Water Safe?

Compared to other countries, the United States has some of the safest drinking water in the world. A combination of science, common sense and innovation ensures you and your family have safe drinking water in Las Cruces.  However, despite all the advancements in drinking water safety, you still hear horror stories like Flint, Michigan, where

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Drinking water treatment plant in Las Cruces.

Drinking Water Standards and Regulations in Las Cruces, NM

Drinking water in Las Cruces has been a fundamental matter amongst residents considering the city’s history of violating the local water system. Since 2012, Las Cruces has violated the Safe Drinking Water Act six times. Since 2017, there have been no recent violations. In the southwest region of the United States, including El Paso, Texas,

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Two young children washing handfuls of cherries with tap water from the kitchen sink

7 Signs Your Water Filtration System Needs an Upgrade

Tap water in Las Cruces usually contains some degree of minerals, chemicals, and other pollutants. After several high-profile stories highlighting contaminated water—such as the story of Flint, Michigan—many people stepped back and questioned the quality of their drinking water and whether water filtration was an option for them. The question for most people is how

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A glass of purified water and filter cartridges on wooden table on green natural background

Water Purification Systems and Technology at Home and Abroad 

In the United States, we are pretty lucky when it comes to access to clean water. While we still have a lot of work to do in perfecting our systems and ensuring safety, other places in the world are just now implementing clean water strategies. Safe and readily available waste is considered a public health

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A glass of water being fillde

Water Softeners Systems Clear Mineral Deposits: Here’s What You Should Know About Hard Water 

Residents of the Southwest are used to seeing their showerheads crusty with white mineral deposits over time. If left untreated, this crust can clog those showerheads and faucets. In industrial settings, hard water can be the archnemesis of functional equipment like boilers.  So what’s the deal with that annoying white layer around your appliances? That’s

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Drinking fresh water

A Deep Dive Into Common Drinking Water Problems & Solution

You smell rotten eggs, but you’ve checked your fridge, garbage, and even the dog. Guess what, it might be your water! Smelling rotten eggs from water supplies is not uncommon when a problem arises. So what’s that all about? In today’s post, we trace some common water problems and a good course of action.   Water

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