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Understanding Water Contaminants: A Deep Dive into Common Impurities

Have you ever wondered what kind of bacteria a water purifier eliminates from your Las Cruces drinking water? Here, we will discuss the different kinds of water contaminants water purifiers fight against. 

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Common Water Impurities

When it comes to the health of you and your family, understanding what kind of bacteria can be found in your water supply is important. Below is a list of different types of water contaminants that quality Las Cruces water purifiers will clear out of your drinking water. 

  • Microorganisms- Fungi, bacteria, and algae are all common microorganisms that can be found in water. Water purifiers can filter out these contaminants. 


  • Viruses- These can affect tissue and cell growth. Once they are spotted in the water, they should be removed immediately. 


  • Dissolved Gases- Water will contain naturally dissolved gase, but they can alter the pH levels of the water. 


  • Suspended Particles- Large suspended particles like clay or sand can build up at the bottom of a water tank. Using water purifiers in Las Cruces can help filter out these particles. 


  • Dissolved Organic Compounds- These are found in plant and animal decay, as well as alcohol, pesticides, and herbicides that are being introduced to the environment. 


  • Dissolved Inorganic Ions- Magnesium, chlorides, calcium, and nitrates, amongst other elements, are considered inorganic ions. These ions can cause an instability in water, which can negatively influence certain biological reactions.


  • Pyrogens- This bacteria can cause fevers if absorbed into the spinal fluid or bloodstream. 


  • Colloidal Particles- These are smaller than suspended particles and don’t settle at the bottom of water tanks. These particles regularly interfere with analytical techniques.

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Water Purifiers in Las Cruces

Here at Sun Tech Services Inc., located in Las Cruces, NM, we have water purifiers that are high quality and highly reviewed for both residential and commercial customers. Water purification systems can benefit your health greatly, which is a great reason to look into getting one installed. If you’re interested in one of our products, give us a call at (575)-523-2400!

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