A man in a neon vest standing on a bridge at a Las Cruces water treatment plant.

Understanding the Basics: How Water Treatment Plants Work

Are you wondering how the process of water treatment works? Do you want to know what goes into the system of filtering clean water to residential areas? Here, we will discuss the step-by-step process of how water treatment plants work. 

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Different Stages of Treatment

Before water is distributed to people in the local areas, it must go through a purification process from a nearby water treatment plant in Las Cruces. It needs to be tested to ensure the water follows proper health guidelines. Read below for the breakdown of the different stages water must go through. 


  • Screening- This is the first stop that water from lakes or rivers comes to when entering a water treatment plant. This prevents large contaminants like wood or fish from getting into the water. 


  • Coagulation- During this phase, the plant workers add chemicals to the water that create particles in the water. These particles attract any dirt that may be in the water and cause them to become heavy enough to float to the bottom of the storage tank. 


  • Sedimentation- The dirt particles that sink to the bottom of the tank are called sediment. The sediment and the water are pushed into a sedimentation tank during this phase. These tanks reduce the velocity of the movement of water to let suspended solids settle at the bottom of the tank. 


  • Filtration- The water is then passed through a layer of sand, gravel, and sometimes charcoal. This filtration system will get rid of any lingering particles from the sedimentation phase. Once this phase is complete, the water goes into a closed tank. 


  • Disinfection- In the final phase, chemicals are used to disinfect and kill any bacteria or microorganisms that may still be in the water. This will keep the water healthy and clean until it’s distributed from the Las Cruces water treatment plant

Water Treatment Plants in Las Cruces

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