Water Filter Supplier – Offering A Complete Line of Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration Systems in El Paso & Las Cruces

When you choose Sun-Tech Services Inc, you can expect water of the best quality. Sun-Tech Services is a proud local water filtration supplier offering high-grade residential services. We are highly-reviewed and overwhelmed with top ratings that show how our company excels. We never fail to satisfy our customers with our equipment, products, and installation. Choose Sun-Tech Services Inc today!

Water Filter Supplier | Offering A Complete Line of Walter Filtration Systems 

Everyone deserves a healthy and tasteful supply of water and a water filtration system can help you achieve exactly that. You can provide your family with an unlimited supply of high-quality drinking water with the help of Sun-Tech Services Inc. From improving the taste of your water to filtering out chemicals, metals or bacteria, we have water filtration systems to help you enjoy your water again.

The Water Filtration Systems We Offer 

Under Sun-Tech Services Inc we provide three different kinds of systems. Each system is specialized to meet your needs and desires.

Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station 

Our company supplies a drinking water system so advanced that it can eliminate nearly every undesirable chemical or substance from your home’s drinking water and tap water. The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station is certified to remove more contaminants than any other reverse osmosis system. It is customizable to your home’s specific requirements and it is expandable as your water filtration needs are bound to change over time.

Utilizing a system of three fixed filters, a PreFilter, Reverse Osmosis Filter, and PostFilter, the Kinetico K5 will transform your water into clear, unbelievably great-tasting drinking water.

Aquakinetic A200 

For clean, refreshing water in a surprisingly convenient system, the AquaKinetic Drinking Water System is an optimal choice. This water filtration system provides clean, refreshing, filtered water that can be used for drinking and cooking. The A200 boasts a five-stage process for filtering water, starting with a high-capacity prefilter to remove the largest contaminants. Then, the reverse osmosis module handles the flow before sending the water to a generous storage tank. Afterward, the water goes through a carbon postfilter before delivering the purest possible tap water through a special lead-free faucet. The A200 system has easy-change filter cartridges and its space-saving design is perfect for under the kitchen sink.

MACguard Filter 

Good-tasting water is important for you and your family, and Kinetico Drinking Water Filters deliver odor-free, filtered water right in your kitchen sink. Kinetico Drinking Water Filters use activated carbon media to significantly reduce a wide variety of contaminants and water-borne viruses, including lead, VOCs, MTBE, and chlorine. The patented MACguard Filter measures the amount of water the unit has filtered and reduces output after filtering 500 gallons of water, which is about a year’s worth of drinking water for a family of four. This ensures that you and your family will not consume a single drop of unfiltered water or contract a virus from your drinking water!

Choose Sun-Tech Services Inc for a Water Filtration System Today

When you contact our installation technicians, we’ll get down to the root of your water problem by testing it and providing an assessment and quote. You can also get in touch with our technicians if your water filtration system is in need of maintenance or repairs. Water filtration is vital for healthy consumption, so contact us today to get started with installation services!

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